Core Rhythm Pilates Studio

Welcome to Core Rhythm Pilates (CRP)!

At our studio, the “core” of our fitness program is Pilates and other complementary class formats. We are the polar opposite of the “no pain—no gain, faster, heavier, harder,” grunting gym mentality. Pilates’ precision exercises first focus on your core (abdominals and back muscles) and then branch out to safely strengthen and tone your entire body. Pilates accentuates quality-of-movement over quantity, improving flexibility and muscular symmetry while emphasizing alignment, balance and control.

Best of all, CRP classes are challenging, fun and effective! You will leave each session feeling strong and energized. And maybe even an inch taller–your muscles will be long and lean and you will have excellent posture!

Our intimate studio space assures limited class sizes and personalized attention. When you work out with us, our instructors will know your name and fitness goals. We do NOT believe that one size fits all but we DO believe that Pilates has something to offer to everyone.  So our approach is tailored: CRP instructors look at each client as an individual—even in group sessions. Our patrons range from beginners who are new to Pilates to conditioned athletes and dancers. We work with healthy people with no physical limitations as well as those with injuries or chronic conditions with a doctor’s approval. Regardless of fitness level or experience, you will be warmly welcomed and instructed in a safe and non-intimidating atmosphere. The enthusiasm is contagious—we are passionate about Pilates and you will be, too!

Please enjoy exploring our website and learning more about the studio, instructors, group class descriptions and personalized Pilates options. Signing up for classes is easy and scheduled online at your convenience. Appointments at the studio for a tour or demo can also be arranged.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

In friendship and health,

Tracy Janczak

Owner, Core Rhythm Pilates